​evote America
No political parties. No campaign donors.

Have you ever heard the saying “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts?” Collaborative problem solving allows us to turn 300 million Americans into 300 million leaders.  If we want laws that benefit "the 100%", we have to collaborate. We cannot leave global problem solving to "the 1%". "The 1%" simply does not have the same problems as "the 100%", and they never will.
​ ​


Every American can use their voting power to adapt our current government from a 1% political party system to a 100% evoting democracy. ​The U.S. legislative branch currently has 535 congressional seats – 100 Senators and 435 House Representatives. We’re going to need at least 535 Americans to run for the U.S. Congress as "Evoting Candidates". Maybe you’re one of them. ​


A 100% evoting democracy will be more efficient than a 1% political party system because the will of the American People will drive federal legislation. The Evoting Service will be accessible to every American by both website and mobile device. Problems can be solved, and new laws passed, all in a matter of weeks. The speed at which it happens is up to the American People. ​


There’s only one political issue you need to understand here – power. The power to make the decisions that impact 100% of the American People. The Evoting Service will be crowdfunded, owned, and controlled by 100% of the American People, rather than a corporation, politicians, or government officials.  In this way, power is diffused to the American People.


The goal here is not to find perfect people or perfect politicians to run our government. The goal here is to minimize conflicts of interest and abuse of power by installing government accountability mechanisms. Accountability ensures that government decisions are consistent with the will of the people represented. A 100% evoting democracy provides that kind of accountability. ​


A 100% evoting democracy gives every American voting equality using electronic voting software. Every American will have fair and equal voting power, regardless of race, religion, wealth, or gender. Evoting Service users will have the power to propose, prioritize, argue, and vote on federal laws. E
very American, by birthright, will have a seat at the legislative table.