​evote America
No political parties. No campaign donors.

No political experience required.


The mission of evoteAmerica is to provide a Techno-Democratic alternative to our current 1% Political Party System by recruiting Evoting Candidates to run for Congress:
• Evoting Candidates are independent representatives (no political party)
• Evoting Candidates do not accept campaign donations
• Evoting Candidates agree to use the Evoting Service if they get elected
• The Evoting Service is a secure, electronic voting software system
• The Evoting Service is crowd-funded, owned, and controlled by the American People
• The Evoting Service is not controlled by a corporation or the government

Using the Evoting Service mobile app or website, every American will have the power to Propose, Prioritize, Argue, and Vote on federal laws. If an Evoting Candidate gets elected, they become an Evoting Congressman ("eCongressman"). Through the Evoting Service, eCongressmen do what the American People tell them to do.

For example, if Congress is contemplating going to war again, the American People will evote using the Evoting Service. If a majority of, for instance, Californians, evote “No” on going to war, an eCongressman from California will vote “No” in Congress. Alternatively, if a majority of Californians evote "Yes" on going to war, an eCongressman from California will vote "Yes" in Congress.

Furthermore, using the Evoting Service, the American People will be able to propose and prioritize legislative action items. If a majority of, for instance, Floridians, make  gun control  their highest priority, an eCongressman from Florida will draft gun control legislation and bring that legislation before Congress.

In a government where a majority of Congressmen are eCongressmen, instead of political party politicians,  the American People  can democratically pass new federal laws in a matter of weeks. The U.S. legislative branch currently has 535 congressional seats – 100 Senate seats and 435 House seats. Maybe you’re ready to fill one of them.